Chrysalis EP [2010]

This is our debut EP. I slaved away for three or four months creating these three songs, and then proceeded to rerecord all of the vocals and guitar when I moved up to LA with my producer, Andrew Naeve. Once we were satisfied with the recordings, he mixed them, and then sent them off to Ohio to get them professionally mastered by the guy that did the last Black Keys record, Brian Lucey. My roommate, Trevor Friedman, did some of the backup vocals on Skin Graft and Repeater.

For this release, I took a couple of songs I had written on guitar but couldn’t really find a place for on the full length album I had started demoing and decided to turn them into electronic compositions. Synths replaced guitar parts that I had previously written, and then I wrote new guitar lines to accompany the songs. I’m extremely proud of the result, mainly due to Andrew’s incredible production skills. And although I had made an EP before (Dust Clouds which is available to download here), I consider this the first official Mothlight release.

A note about the Dust Clouds EP: Andrew and I are going to rerecord and slightly rework the three songs on there and incorporate them into the full length album that we’re starting in the next week or two. More on that in the future, but I just didn’t want these songs to be lost since I’m still very proud of them and they are the first Mothlight songs ever written.

I’m going to FYF Fest tomorrow to see my friend’s band, Cults. There are lots of other amazing bands playing including Panda Bear, my all time favorite dude. I’m going to start using this blog to post demos (of which there are many) and other bits of information so keep checking back!



Hello World

This will replace my mostly abandoned Blogspot page. Now that things are slowly starting to happen in the world of Mothlight, I think it will be useful to have a spot on the Internet that can function as a central website.

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